NGBC Resource Docs

Code Of Conduct

The main purpose of a code of conduct is to set and maintain a standard for acceptable behavior to all members in the organization.

One On One

The One-on-One is an unique and powerful tool that allows members to meet privately to learn more about each other both professionally and personally.

30 Second Promotional Sheet

The objective of a 30-second presentation is to communicate specific information to educated prospective customers that entices them to hear more. In general, the presentation should be a quick compilation of the most basic but essential facts: Identify yourself.

NGBC Terms of Use

A terms of use is an agreement that the member must agree to and abide by in order to use a website or service.

Locations List

Most current list of ALL of the chapter locations and starting times.

Bootcamp Form

Ready, Set, get Trained. The NGBC is all about maximizing your membership. Boot Camp will teach you about the other side of networking and how to optimizing your ROI.