Code of Conduct

  1.   Members will conduct themselves in a professional manner that will merit the respect of the community as well as fellow Chapter Members. 
  1.   Members will carry out their professional duties within the meeting with integrity and in a responsible manner. 
  1.   Prospective Members will be presented to Chapter meetings without prejudice or bias. Members will not allow personal views to influence judgment on the selection of Members unless a current Member has experienced the previous conflict or unprofessional service from a potential  Member. 
  2.   Members are encouraged to educate, mentor, and support the other Members of their Chapter, utilize the relationships of their Chapter Members, and promote important and profitable opportunities. 
  3.   If asked, Members will be expected to willingly accept placement in management, committee and/or fundraising tasks and/or other events from time to time. 
  4.   Any complaints concerning any Members should be brought directly to the attention of the Chapter Consultant and/or Consultant Directors (either verbally or in written form outlining the situation or problem). The Chapter Member will be approached discretely to report the complaint and listen to their version of the situation. Any subsequent complaints will be brought to the attention of the Advisory Team. Any decisions for any reason made by the Advisory Team will be final. 
  5.   There will be no mention or influence of politics or religion allowed at any time during any NGBC meeting or event. After the second warning,  the Member runs the risk of termination. There will be no fundraising of any kind other than NGBC approved events. 
  6. Members are allowed to join and participate in one (1) Chapter and to have one (1) business listing on the NGBC website. Members are not allowed to transfer to another Chapter, except under extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the Advisory Team. Membership renewal is up for renewal each month by the Consultant Directors and Chapter Consultants. 
  7.   A single business can be represented in one additional (1) Chapter by a different individual from that same company. A single business can apply to place an individual from that same company in additional Chapters (open or new), and application acceptance is at the discretion of the Consultant Directors and Chapter Consultant. 
  8. Chapter Consultants are allowed to join and participate in two (2) Chapters and have two (2) business listings on the NGBC website. In addition, Chapter Consultants may place one (1) representative in one (1) additional chapter if that business category is not already represented. 
  9. Members who are terminated by the Advisory Team will not be able to re-apply to any NGBC Chapters. A Member that leaves the NGBC in good standing may apply for Membership after a mandatory one (1) year hiatus from their resignation date. If approved by the Advisory  Team, the Member may return to their original NGBC Chapter only, in their original business category or a new one, and only if their business category is open. Reinstatement of membership is subject to the approval of the Advisory Team.  
  10. NGBC Members can be a Member of only one (1) closed networking organization. This keeps Members loyal to whom they will provide referrals and build stronger relationships. Members are welcome and encouraged to participate in open network opportunities and their local Chamber of Commerce. 
  1. Members providing multiple services can only represent one (1) type of service under their umbrella during any and all  NGBC meetings, One-on-Ones, and NGBC events. Members will not be allowed to switch business categories should a Member leave who held a business of another Member’s multiple business categories. This prevents confusion as to what the Member does and also allows other businesses to join The NGBC, which in turn will create Power Partners and a larger SOI. The Consultant Directors and Chapter Consultants make the final decision as to who takes what category and who joins. 
  2. Each Chapter will have one (1) Director and one (1) Assistant Director for a period of six (6) months. The Director is in charge of conducting the meeting under the meeting guidelines. Any issues brought forward in the Chapter should be directed to the Chapter Consultant and/or the Consultant Directors. 
  3. The North Georgia Business Connection Advisory Team consists of a Master Director, Consultant Directors, Director, and an Administrative  Director.  The Advisory Team reserves the right to refuse any new membership or terminate any renewing membership for non-payment of dues,  inappropriate behavior, non-involvement, non-compliance, or disruption within any Chapter. 
  4. The maximum number of Members who can represent a multi-level marketing company is one (1) per Chapter. The Chapter Consultant reserves the right not to allow any. Additional multi-level marketers for anyone Chapter must seek Advisory Team approval.  Representatives of a multi-level marketing company will not promote the recruitment of Members or employees while participating in any  NGBC meeting, function, event, or activity. 
  5. Any Member having to miss multiple meetings for long-term health issues, maternity leave, or military reasons over an extended period of time will be granted a leave of absence. However, dues must be current in order to save the Member’s category seat and use of a substitute is recommended. The start date and end date are required. Leave of absent requests are submitted and approved by the Advisory Team. 
  6. Members are required to attend all meetings. A Member will be allowed no more than ten (10) absences (Flex Days) per Year. The Year is defined as beginning February 1st of the current year and ending January 31st of the next year. Members are allowed ten (10) absents; at the eleventh (11th) absent, the Member will be terminated and the category will be open. When a Member reaches the eighth absence, the  Member will be required to attend the first scheduled training workshop from the date the Member was notified of the eight absent. Flex  Days taken by Members are intended to assist the Member to retain membership, assist with seasonal business commitments, and encourage  Organizational growth and should not be abused. Members should be mindful of their commitment to their peers and the spirit of the  Organization’s culture. The NGBC does not meet on the weeks of the following Holidays: New Year’s, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and  Christmas. For inclement weather alerts, there will be no meeting if school is canceled in the county for which your Chapter is located.  Please check your school’s website for notices of closures.  
  7. Members are required to request a Substitute when they plan to be absent. Substitutes should first be Non-Member Guests who need to be introduced to the Organization. If the Member secures a Non-Member guest as a Substitute, the Member will be counted as present.  If the Member secures another Chapter Member as a Substitute, the first five (5) Member Substitutes will count as present for the Member requesting the Member Substitute. In addition, Members are allowed a maximum of five (5) Interchangeable Substitutes per Year. It is mandatory that Members request a Substitute through SubHub in addition to requesting a Non-Member guest to be a Substitute. Having a Substitute is intended to encourage Organizational growth and promote opportunities for all members of the Organization. 
  8. There are two (2) times that NGBC meetings are held, 7:40 am or 9:30 am. Members are required to be “on time” for all meetings and are encouraged to arrive early. A Member is considered late if they arrive after the first 30-second promotional has started. The late Member forfeits their first 30-second promotional and a $5 late fee will be required from the Member. A Member is considered absent if they arrive after the first 8 Minute Speaker has begun speaking and will also be assessed the $5 late fee.
  1. New Members joining the NGBC will have an initial onboarding and one-month membership investment of $150.00.  Members will register a credit card and agree to be billed $55.00 on the first day of each month, on a recurring monthly basis.  If a payment is declined, the Member consents that one attempt to run the dues payment can be made by NGBC in order to collect payment. If declined a second time, Members will be notified via the email address on file and associated with the credit card, of declined monthly dues payments, and the process to get the payment made. Members will be allowed fifteen (15) days to make payment and come current. A $10.00 late payment fee will be assessed for any dues not paid within the fifteen (15) day grace period. Members who do not pay by thirty (30) days of the initial notice of declined monthly dues will be submitted to the  Collections Department and the Member’s membership with the NGBC will be terminated. There will be no refunds of dues, for any reason, at any time once the Member Registration has been accepted.  Dues are subject to change. In the situation when membership dues change, Members will be given 30-day advanced notification prior to the membership fee change.  
  1. All new Members are required to complete the New Member Boot Camp before becoming a fully vetted Member. New Members will have two (2) consecutive opportunities to attend training or risk forfeiting their Membership. Training is Mandatory for all Members. 
  2. Members hereby authorize the North Georgia Business Connection, and those acting pursuant to its authority, use of their likeness and/or voice to be used at the company’s discretion for business-related purposes across various media. Members hereby give the absolute right and permission, without restrictions, to make, copyright, and/or use, re-use, or publish said photographs/video footage of them in which they may be included in whole or in part, and waive any right to inspect and/or approve the finished printed materials, videos and/or web sites where their image appears. Members further consent that their name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary. Members release the North Georgia Business Connection, and those acting pursuant to its authority from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right they may have in connection with such use. Members understand that all such recordings, in whatever medium, shall remain the property of the organization. Members understand there is no compensation for their appearance in these printed documents, videos, or websites in any and all future uses of the photographs and/or video footage. 
  3. Membership in the NGBC mandates several responsibility and accountability elements to help the success of the Organization. These responsibilities represent the standards of the NGBC and are not intended to be voluntary. 
  4. Members are to be on time for all meetings. 
  5. Attend and complete New Member Boot Camp. 
  6. Adhere to the meeting Agenda; 
  7. Promote the Organization and its Members through: 
  8. One-on-One Reporting 
  9. Participating in SubHub by requesting subs when needed and answering sub-hub-requests 
  10. Submitting monthly BPTS on the digital dashboard
  11. New Membership Drive Events 
  12. Weekly Guest Invites 
  13. Facebook “Likes” and “Shares” 
  14. Seminars and Open Houses 
  15. Chapter Celebrations 
  16. Positive point of view in public 
  17. Promote other Member’s services and business throughout the Organization, not just within their own Chapter 


Non-involvement or non-compliance with one or more sections of the NGBC Code of Conduct can and will result in non-renewal or termination of membership by the NGBC Advisory Team. The NGBC Advisory Team reserves the right to modify the NGBC Code of Conduct at its discretion, at any time.  

Members are responsible for reading and understanding the current Code of Conduct.