What is NGBC Bootcamp?

Basic training for B2B networking

We will prepare our members all in the following elements of a proper “elevator speech, how-to training your sales force through educational presentations the importance of a 1 on 1 meeting, and why referrals are better than leads!

Why Boot Camp?

This two+ hour training class will explore why structure is key in your business networking meetings and how an “organization” not just a chapter will help propel ideas and your phere of influence with others who have started, grown, and have created a successful business from one person business to multiple employee company.

What's In It For Me? WIIFM

As an NGBC Boot Camp graduate, you will be awarded opportunities for other perks such as;

> Be scheduled for Meeting presentations

> Conduct outside 1 on 1 meetings

> Get qualified for our SubHub system

> Get the ability to invite and attend with a guest to ANY of our local chapters

Thinking About Membership?

If You Are Already A Member Schedule Your Bootcamp Training Below