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Throughout my career journey, I’ve assumed various roles such as processor, underwriter, Branch Manager, Regional Operations Manager, Regional Production Manager, and State Manager. These positions have afforded me the opportunity to support fellow loan originators in expanding their businesses and aiding thousands of borrowers in realizing their homeownership dreams. This experience ignited a desire for me to redirect my career path towards the role of VP of Mortgage Lending. In this capacity, I can directly collaborate with referral partners and borrowers, sharing in the joy of their home ownership journey. One of the most gratifying aspects of my work in mortgage lending is the cultivation of relationships. I eagerly anticipate meeting new individuals and take great pleasure in maintaining connections with past clients. My core values of integrity and transparency ensure that my clients and referral partners are well-informed and engaged throughout every stage of the lending process. During my initial consultations with borrowers, we delve into their short- and long-term financial aspirations. This invaluable knowledge serves as a compass, guiding us to select the ideal loan program that aligns with their goals. My expertise extends beyond assisting first-time homebuyers; I possess a wealth of experience in Conventional, FHA, VA, and Jumbo loan programs. Additionally, I assist clients in their pursuit of second/vacation homes, investment properties, and refinancing. My enthusiasm for Renovation Loans, including 203K, Fannie Mae Homestyle, and VA renovation, is particularly noteworthy. I’m passionate about these loans and even conduct continuing education classes for Realtors to share my knowledge. Renovation loans offer a unique opportunity for borrowers to transform their homes into their dream residences, customizing every detail to suit their vision.


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