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Richard Young


Richard Young - Country Financial



Member Since - 08/10/2021

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I work with small business owners, families and individuals to help them plan for retirement of future income needs. I do this through a team-based approach and have been named Best of Gwinnett seven years in a row. I am a Fiduciary for my clients. Country Trust Bank is a Trust bank - meaning the investments we use are typically lower fees than the same funds used by the like of Raymond James, Edward Jones, Charles Schwab etc - so in the long run you save. My ideal clients are happily married couples that own a home and autos in their mid 30s-late 50s who are having life changing events. I also love working with small business owners to help them plan for business expansion, legacy planning, and saving for college or retirement. 401(k) management for businesses, IRAs, and investments as well as Income Replacement Plans are just some of the services my office offers.


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