Referrals, Relationships, and Revenue!

How It Works!

The Secret Sauce

The NGBC has  a proven time-tested system that has helped businesses by adding adding networking and referrals  to their marketing strategy.


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There are several chapters in North GA. to choose from. Business Guests are always more than welcome to visit. Register and test drive one of our chapters so you can get a feel for how our organization works!



Attend the 2+ hour training class that covers everything you need to get the most out of your NGBC Membership. As an NGBC graduate has more options.

The NGBC, A Networking Organization With Strong Culture.

Opportunity, noun a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Your business, your life is what the definition of opportunity is all about. The NGBC is the tool to help you achieve that, you’re goals, dreams while collaborating with other like-minded professionals, what we like to call, “opportunity”.

Since 2000, the NGBC has (guided) its values and vision to do One Thing,

-Mission Statement-

The NGBC Organization provides business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their businesses through the exchange of qualified referrals in a structured, proven, and unique environment.